Guides to Visitors


The bus fleet lists are categorised by bus operators and bus manufacturers. You can kindly select the information from the menu. If you do not really get exact information before accessing the target listing. You can simply use the Google search engine to search the key word of the information you desire in the bottom of the home page.

Each page would have maximum 100 bus records in order to maintain the legibility of the list.

Guides on the list

Fleet Number and Registration Number

The fleet list is shown in numerical order of fleet number assigned by the bus operators. Subsequent changes of registration number would be mentioned in the "Remark" section.

Chassis Number and Chassis Type

The chassis number mainly refers to the serial orders of chassis built from bus manufacturers. Some information of classic chassis are unidentified and different supplementary information would be added in the "Remark" section. Chassis type refers to the official name of the bus products and chassis of bus manufacturers and sometimes would include classes categorised by the bus operators for the same chassis type.

Bus Body and Seating

The basic information of bus body would be the name of bus body builders but not limited to body types and serial work order number if detailed information is available. Seating refers to the seating capacity of buses and the abbreviations of the seating code would follow the rule set out by PSV Circle. Detail definitions of the code can be referred to this web. The current seating layout information and bus body would be listed in the corresponding columns while original information before subsequent changes would be recorded in the "Remark" section.

Time of first service and withdrawal

As the actual day of first service and withdrawal of buses is sometimes hardly determined, therefore the web would only show the time in terms of year for consistency and simplicity. For the column "New", the information is based on the buses first registered to the corresponding authorities and to be roadworthy. It is not necessarily equivalent to the manufacture date. For the column "Withdrawn", the information is based on the earlier of the time to be disposed to third parties from the bus operators and the actual time of the buses to be delicensed from the corresponding authorities. It is not necessarily equivalent to the last day of the bus actually in service.


Different supplementary information other than mentioned above would be recorded in the "Remark" column in order to provide more comprehensive information to visitors. The information would not be limited to subsequent bus histories, change in bus seating and other conversion of configuration of buses.