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21/3/2007 Long Win Bus Dennis Trident (101-225), Dennis Trident Coach (301, 501-525), Dennis Lance (901-910), Volvo Olympian 11m and Volvo Olympian 12m new
20/11/2006 Citybus Dennis Trident 12m (2200-2310), Dennis Trident 10.6m (2700) and Scania K94UB new
18/11/2006 Citybus Dennis Trident 12m Coach (2100-2161) new
22/8/2006 Citybus Volvo B6/B6LE (1301-1361), Volvo B12 (2001-2005), MAN NL262R (1501-1580) and MAN 24.350 (2500) new
13/8/2006 Citybus Volvo Olympian 11m (901-999, 9000-9042), Dennis Condor (20-21, T1-T3) and Dennis Dart (1401-1436, 1481-1490) new
4/8/2006 Citybus Volvo Olympian 12m (324-329, 396-699) and Volvo Olympian 12m Coach (315-316) new
31/5/2006 Citybus Dennis Dragon 12m new
28/5/2006 Citybus Nissan, Mitsubishi, Mercedes Benz, Neoplan, Isuzu, Scania and Hino new
27/5/2006 Citybus Leyland Olympian 10.4m, Leyland Olympian 12m Coach, Leyland Olympian 12m(341-395), Dennis Dragon 10.4m, Volvo Olympian 10.4m and Volvo B10M new
25/5/2006 Citybus MCW Metrobus, Leyland Victory Mk2, Leyland Olympian 12m (102-105), Leyland Olympian 11m Coach and Leyland Atlantean AN68 (600-699) new
23/5/2006 Citybus Leyland Atlantean (L24), Dennis Dominator, Leyland Olympian non AC and AEC Routemaster new
21/5/2006 Citybus Daimler Fleetline CRL6, Bristol Lodekka FLF and Leyland Fleetline FE30AGR new
19/5/2006 Citybus Ailsa Volvo B55 and Daimler Fleetline CRG6 new
18/5/2006 KMB Volvo Super Olympian 12m (3ASV1-3ASV492) and Volvo Super Olympian 10.6m (ASV1-ASV100) new
17/5/2006 KMB Neoplan Centroliner N4026/3(AP1-AP80), Neoplan Centroliner N4426/3(AP81-AP162), Stagecoach HK Volvo B10M (1-2, 3L-5L) and Volvo Olympian 12m (6-11) new
14/4/2006 BUS DATAFILE Mirror Page operation started
15/2/2006 MAN 24.310(AMN1-AMN47) new
10/2/2006 KMB Dennis Trident 10.6m(ATS1-ATS150) new
9/2/2006 KMB Dennis Trident 12m(ATR1-ATR392) new
14/1/2006 CMB Pre-1945 Fleet new
8/1/2006 CMB Tilling-Stevens Express K5LA7, Tilling-Stevens/Vulcan H5LA4, Dodge, Bedford, Thornycroft, Daimler COG5DD and Ford School Bus new
7/1/2006 CMB Tilling-Stevens Express K5LA4 new
29/12/2005 KCRC Leyland Olympian (K105, K111-K117, K221-K224) and Volvo Olympian (K201-K220, K225-K235) new
27/12/2005 KCRC Dennis Trident (601-622), Dennis Trident from NWFB (701-753) new
9/10/2005 Guy Arab UF, Commer 2500 Minibuses, BMC(Morris) J2 Minibuses, Guy Arab MkIV Short-wheelbase Single-deck Buses and Ford Thames 15cwt Minibuses new
8/10/2005 Guy Arab MkV Short-wheelbase Single-deck Buses new
5/10/2005 Guy Arab MkV Long (22ft) Wheelbase Single-deck Buses new
24/9/2005 Leyland Albion Viking EVK55CL Coach (AM1) new
3/9/2005 Volvo B10M (401-415) and Dennis Dart (501-503) new
26/8/2005 Leyland Olympian 11m AC (201-224) and Volvo Olympian 11m AC (225-239) new
31/7/2005 Guy Arab V 30ft (LX1-LX128, LX134-LX164) and Guy Arab V 30ft with Alexander bodies (LX201-LX350) new
24/7/2005 Guy Arab V 26ft (S1-S49), Guy Arab 28ft (M1-M44) and Guy Arab 30ft (LW2-LW111) new
23/7/2005 Guy Arab V 26ft (LS1-LS56) new
20/7/2005 Guy Arab IV 30ft (LW112-122) and Guy Arab IV 28ft (MW1-MW17) new
19/7/2005 Leyland Titan PD3/5 (PD501-PD528), Leyland Titan PD3A/1 (T1-T3) and Leyland Titan PD3/4 (PD1-PD78, T4-T7) new
18/7/2005 Leyland Atlantean PDR1/1(LA1-LA18, HA1-HA3) new
17/7/2005 Daimler/Leyland CRG6/FE30AGR (XF1-XF206, T19, FC1) and Leyland Atlantean PDR1/1(XA1-XA50) new
18/6/2005 Volvo Olympian 11m AC (AV1-AV531) new
9/6/2005 Volvo Olympian 12m AC (3AV1-3AV348) and Dennis Dragon 12m AC (3AD1-3AD170) new
6/6/2005 Dennis Dragon 9.9m AC (ADS1-ADS235) and Dennis Dart (AA1-AA70) new
5/6/2005 Dennis Dragon 11m AC (AD1-AD360) new
4/6/2005 Bedford OB, Tilling-Stevens and Pre-1946 Fleet new
3/6/2005 Commer, Dennis Pax and Bedford SBO new
1/6/2005 Ford Thames Trader, Trojan mini-coaches and Seddon Mk17/M/3 new
31/5/2005 Daimler CVG5(A) new
29/5/2005 Leyland Albion Victor VT17AL (L1-L86, L270-L276, L278) new
23/3/2005 KCRC Toyota Coaster and Mitsubishi FUSO new
23/1/2005 KCRC MCW Metrobus new
19/1/2005 CLP Volvo Olympian and Leyland Olympian new
16/1/2005 HACTL Volvo Olympian and Dennis Dragon new
18/12/2004 Volvo B9TL (AVD1) new
9/10/2004 Dennis Jubilant (N) updated
5/9/2004 Leyland Albion Chieftain CH13AXL (L186-L219), Leyland Albion Victor VT23L (L87-L185, L277) new
4/9/2004 Daimler Fleetline CRL6 (2D8-2D107) new
3/9/2004 Leyland Titan PD3/5 (2L1-2L8) and Leyland Atlantean PDR1/1 (2L9-2L79) new
1/9/2004 AEC Regent V 2D2RA/2D3RA (2A1-2A28), Daimler CCG6-27 (2D1-2D3) and Daimler CVG6-30 (2D4-2D7) new
31/8/2004 Bedford YRQ Coach and Albion Viking EVK41XL (L220-L269) new
30/8/2004 Albion Viking EVK55CL Coach (CA1-CA66, CA68-CA77, CA79-CA102) new
29/8/2004 Albion Viking EVK55CL & EVK41L (L279-L312) new
28/8/2004 AEC Regent V 2D2RA and Seddon Pennine 4 updated
24/8/2004 Daimler CVG6(D), Daimler CVG5(B) and Daimler CVG6(C) updated
15/8/2004 Daimler CVG6(E) updated
8/8/2004 Daimler CVG6(F) updated
7/8/2004 Daimler/Leyland Fleetline (D666-D1115) updated
3/8/2004 Dennis Dragon 11m (S3N) updated
1/8/2004 Leyland Olympian 11m (S3BL) updated
31/7/2004 MCW Metrobus 11m (S3M) and Mitsubishi updated
29/7/2004 Leyland Olympian 2-axle (BL) and Mercedes Benz O305 (ME) updated
26/7/2004 Various KMB pages including Dennis, MCW and  Toyota updated
25/7/2004 Dennis Jubilant (N) and Hino RK176K Coach (AH) updated
23/7/2004 Guy/Leyland Victory J/Mk2 (G) updated
4/7/2004 Seddon Pennine 4 new
3/7/2004 AEC Regent V 2D2RA new
2/7/2004 Daimler CVG5(B) new
22/6/2004 Daimler CVG6(C) new
21/6/2004 Daimler CVG6(E) and Daimler CVG6(D) new
20/6/2004 Daimler CVG6(F) new
19/6/2004 Ashok-Leyland Titan new
18/6/2004 Daimler/Leyland Fleetline(LF) and Daimler/Leyland Fleetline(SF) new
17/6/2004 Daimler/Leyland Fleetline(D666-D1115) new
14/6/2004 Dennis Condor 11m AC, Dennis Dart(CX), Volvo Olympian AC(VA), Volvo B6LE(VC1) and Dennis Dart(DC) new
13/6/2004 Dennis Condor 11m, Leyland Olympian AC(LA) and Dennis Condor 12m new
12/6/2004 MCW Metrobus(MC), MCW Metrobus(MB), MCW Metrobus(ML), Leyland Olympian 11m(LM) and MCW Metrorider(CM) new
11/6/2004 Scania Metropolitan, Seddon 236(SM1), Leyland Titan(TC1), Volvo Ailsa(AL), Volvo Ailsa(AV), Leyland Olympian(BR) and Dennis Loline III new
10/6/2004 Dennis Dominator(DD), Dennis Dominator(SD) and Volvo B10MD new
9/6/2004 Leyland Victory Mk2(LV) and Dennis Jubilant(DS) new
8/6/2004 Dennis Dragon 11m new
7/6/2004 Leyland Olympian 11m new
5/6/2004 Leyland Olympian 11m AC, Scania N113 and Volvo Olympian 11m new
4/6/2004 Mitsubishi FUSO MK117J and Mitsubishi FUSO MK217J new
3/6/2004 MCW Metrobus 11m, Dennis Lance and Mitsubishi FUSO MK218J new
2/6/2004 Dennis Dragon 12m and MCW Metrobus 9.7m new
1/6/2004 Leyland Olympian 12m new
31/5/2004 Mercedes Benz O305 and Leyland Olympian 2-axle new
30/5/2004 Mitsubishi FUSO MP618N, MCW Super Metrobus, Dennis Dominator, Dennis Falcon and MCW Metrorider new
29/5/2004 Hino RK176K Coach and Toyota Coaster new
27/5/2004 Dennis Jubilant new
24/5/2004 Guy/Leyland Victory J/Mk2 new
21/5/2004 BUS DATAFILE first established


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